Consistent with the Thought of the Aforesaid

Consistent with the thought of the aforesaid,
I entered the office and tendered my resignation
The lion girl in brown smiled her volcano teeth at me
And the city outside melted into placid aluminum,
And the subways rattled great as worms
Devouring tunnels
And happily we lived within their bellies.

The sea spread its spray of silver flowers to me
And again I was reborn,
This time into an Egyptian family,
As I was working the great, heavy machinery
I disappeared into the green-skinned river
And found myself wearing embroidered clothes
Of thick purple, gold and scarlet, silver,
At the mouth of the Rio Grande,
The sun pierced the roofs of my eyes,

I brought back a boat, a southern fruit,
A fleeting glance of the marmoset,
The few stars harvested in north sea nets,
The voice of a frog lonely for its love,
A man-made lake, a handkerchief with a smudged monogram,
A piercing seed, a handful of steel-gray wheat stalks
With fat, gay kernels,
The hidden echo of the trace of a dance,
Which survived only in the constant wind
Across the mountain-top garden
Inhabited by no one
But the promise of our invisible selves.


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